1. So I’m watching The Simpsons..

    And it’s the episode where Homer is a boxer. And he’s about to be murdered in the ring when Moe comes in (with his stolen Fan Man gear) and swoops homer out of the ring.

    Homer’s out of it right? And he asks Moe, “are you an angel?” And Moe replies, “Yes, Homer, all us angels wear slacks.”

    And it took me a full 10 minutes to figure out how that could in anyway be inaccurate??

    Because Gabriel was one of the few angels that preferred to dress casually. Seriously. If any other angel was dressed casually, it was out of necessity. (Whether there was nothing nicer, or they were in a hurry)

  2. I bet Steve Carlsburg is a Scorpio.

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  3. "It’s on netflix"

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    This true speech


    Hahaha too real

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  4. mugglebornheadcanon:

    378. A muggleborn with a swearing problem comes into the school, and the story ends with a high-class pureblood addressing their ‘nemesis’ as, “Listen here, you bitch-ass motherfucker.”

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  5. So I wanted to apologize..

    To all my lovely followers. I know I haven’t been posting NEARLY as much as I used to, and that’s because I know have 2 jobs and 4 college classes this semester, and honestly the only time I have to sleep is on my breaks (which I’m cutting into now to let you all know what’s going on)

    But I love you guys and maybe once the semester is a little settled, I’ll come back and chill with you guys more. But I love you all, and I haven’t abandoned you

  6. what i look for in a guy



    • dean winchester

    if you are looking for dean winchester in a guy, you are looking for castiel

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